We started brewing in our cellar back in 2015 with one aim: to make a better lager. We love lager but we demanded more; more hops, more refreshment, more character. Cracking the code to a better lager.

A bigger brewery…

We soon outgrew the cellar and after investing in a bigger brew kit, we sold our first batch of Codebreaker. Then the second. And third. Fast forward a few years, and we now find ourselves brewing in a 50HL facility.

It’s award winning

Lager has the capacity to give so much more than the options currently out there. Unpasteurised so it tastes as fresh as the day is long, we have a unique recipe with a deeper, extra-special flavour. An award-winning refreshing English lager for those that want to drink different.


Our beers

PORTER | 5.5%

From £2.83/can

Hazy IPA | 5%

From £2.42/can

Gluten-free IPA | 5.5%

From £2.42/can