We started brewing in our cellar back in 2015 with one aim: to make a better lager. We love lager but we demanded more; more hops, more refreshment, more character. Cracking the code to a better lager.

A bigger brewery…

We soon outgrew the cellar and after investing in a bigger brew kit, we sold our first batch of beer. Then the second. And third. Fast forward a few years, and we now find ourselves brewing in a 50HL facility.

We’re award winning

Every beer we produce is unpasteurised so that they taste as fresh as the day is long. Our IBC award-winning beers are carefully brewed to deliver a deeper, extra-special flavour.


Our beers

PORTER | 5.5%

From £2.83/can

Hazy IPA | 5%

From £2.42/can

Gluten-free IPA | 5.5%

From £2.42/can