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Lager | 5.2%

Always brewed unpasteurised, we made Scampton to be refreshingly crisp and floral, fusing a generous dose of traditional Hallertau hops with Goldings and First Gold hops to deliver a balanced and hoppy lager that is full of flavour.


IPA | 5.5%

Award-winning IPA; your Final Approach into the weekend demands a beer full of Friday feels, so we made this gluten-free orange bomb of a beer to kick-start your weekend into life.


DDH IPA | 6.0%

Sidewinder is our dialled up IPA that hits your tastebuds with bursts of strawberry, grapefruit and pineapple with pinpoint accuracy.


cherry porter | 7.0%

Award-winning Limiter is a white knuckle ride of a milk stout yet smoother than a cashmere codpiece. Silky and bittersweet, first-up subtle hints of chocolate give way to notes of Maraschino cherries and Kirsch